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Prevent Wrist Pain in Workouts

Planks are a workout staple, as are push-ups and dips. But since they require you to balance your weight on your hands, they can be tough on your wrists. Here are a few tips to help you prevent wrist pain in workouts because if you’re not practicing good form, your wrists are the first to suffer.

man doing pushups wearing bilateral bullseye brace wrist bands

Correct Positioning While Doing Planks

Here are some great articles to help you find the right alignment.
This is Why Your Wrist Hurts by Dr. Megan Brown, PT
PopSugar’s Guide to Plank Corrections

Correct Positioning While Doing Pushups

The Correct Way To Do A Pushup

Wrist Strengthening Exercises

Try some of these exercises to help prepare you for your workouts:
Healthline’s 11 Ways to Strengthen Your Wrists 
How to Strengthen Your Wrists  from VeryWellHealth

Use a Wrist Brace

The Bullseye Wrist Band helps relieve pain by providing general compressive support to the wrist and keeping the wrist joint properly aligned, without applying direct pressure to the ulnar head (AKA wrist bone).  Keep wrist pain at bay during workouts with Bullseye!