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Therapist Inspired Solutions

Bullseye Brace wrist band with the silicone ring sitting on the ulnar head

TFCC Wrist Brace:

The Bullseye Wrist Band addresses ulnar-sided wrist pain with a unique soft, silicone ring and a counter-force strap to provide targeted compression and tissue control around the ulnar head without putting pressure directly on the ulnar head. 

Wrist Band
Bullseye Brace Elbow Strap on bent arm

Medial and Lateral Epicondylitis Strap:

Our easily adjustable Elbow Strap supports both tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow recovery and pain relief. Our design provides gentle targeted compression without inducing a tourniquet effect. By gently pressing on the center of the silicone ring, patients can intuitively apply soothing massage — which has been shown to help speed healing. 

Elbow Strap
Bullseye Brace thumb Brace on hand from the side

Metacarpophalangeal Joint Support:

The new Bullseye Thumb Brace is a soft support that provides exceptional relief for thumb CMC pain due to osteoarthritis. The brace is breathable yet warm and works by restricting the range of motion in flexion and extension of the first metacarpal while allowing hand function. The adjustable speed lacer allows for easy one-handed donning and a customized fit. The thumb strap crisscrosses the CMC joint twice for extra stabilization while helping to prevent MP joint collapse. Inside the brace, there’s a modular foam pad that can be trimmed or simply removed to increase range of motion.

Thumb Brace