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Helps to stabilize the CMC joint and provides a gentle counter-force to the MP joint to reduce collapsing while allowing full hand function. Simple one handed donning with the speed lacer.

FAQs about the Bullseye Thumb Brace?

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Smart Soft Alternative in Thumb CMC Bracing

For years, certified hand therapists have been asking Bullseye Brace to design a thumb CMC brace. We’re excited to introduce our innovative Bullseye Thumb Brace that helps relieve pain due to basal joint arthritis. The soft, warm yet breathable construction features a speed lacer for simple, one-handed donning. Easily adjust the level of support with the thumb strap and modular pad.


  • Speed lacer for simple, one-handed donning
  • Control your support level with the adjustable thumb strap and removable foam pad
  • Glove-like design provides soothing compression and therapeutic warmth
  • All Day Comfort: Our combination of spacer fabric padding with an ultra-soft face wicks sweat away from skin to give our thumb brace lasting comfort
  • Do you have a large hand with small wrist, or small hand with a large wrist? No problem! Customize your fit by adjusting the speed lacer between the eyelets.

Instructions for Use

Basal Thumb Arthritis Facts

  • Occurs when the cartilage in the CMC joint at the base of the thumb wears away
  • More common in women as basal joint arthritis affects 33% of all women and 11% of all men over 50
  • Decreases strength and range of motion while causing painful swelling, stiffness and tenderness at the CMC joint
  • Left untreated, the CMC joint can protrude and appear enlarged while the MP joint collapses

The thumb carpometacarpal (CMC) joint is responsible for thumb motion in every direction as well as pinching and gripping. Symptoms include pain and swelling at the base of the thumb, decreased range of motion, loss of grip strength — especially pinch grip, such as turning a key. In more advanced cases, the base of the thumb may look like an enlarged bony prominence while the MP joint may collapse inward.

How to properly size the Bullseye Thumb Brace

Adjusting the Bullseye Thumb Brace

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