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Sometimes medical terms are used interchangeably such as brace, splint, spica, or support. Usually, a splint or spica implies immobilization while a brace or support provides support while still allowing functional movement. The Bullseye Thumb Brace provides soft therapeutic compression while allowing hand function.

Wrap a soft tape measure around your knuckles at the base of your fingers. Do not include your thumb. Alternatively, you can wrap a string around your knuckles, marking the circumference on the string, unwrap the string, lay it flat and measure with a ruler. After measuring, look up your size in the sizing table on the Bullseye Thumb Brace product page.

The Bullseye Thumb Brace fits the description for L-3924. (Long Description: Hand Finger Orthosis, Without Joints, May Include Soft Interface, Straps, Prefabricated, Off-The-Shelf)

Although the Bullseye Thumb Brace comes ready to wear, there are adjustment instructions to improve the fit if needed. You can find them on our thumb brace product page and on the printed instructions included with each brace.

No, a written prescription is not required for purchase. However, it’s always better to see your certified hand therapist or other qualified medical professional before using any brace.

The metacarpophalangeal (MCP or MP) joints are located where the hand’s fingers and thumb meet the palm. They are commonly known as large knuckles. The carpometacarpal (CMC) joints are located at the base of the hand.

Yes. Hand wash in mild detergent, air dry flat.

There are 3 sizes: XS, S/M, and L/XL.

Yes, please indicate Left or Right along with your size when ordering.

The Thumb Brace works by controlling the range of motion of the 1st metacarpal, at the same time providing therapeutic warmth and compression to the hand while allowing hand function. When properly worn, the thumb strap crisscrosses the thumb CMC joint twice for added stabilization.

If you remove the brace and turn it inside out, you’ll see a foam pad that can be completely removed or trimmed and replaced inside the sewn pocket. See printed instructions for details.

Remove the brace immediately. When your thumb “wakes up” you can re-apply the brace but be careful not to overtighten the straps. If the problem persists, discontinue use, and consult a qualified medical professional.

Thumb CMC stands for “thumb carpometacarpal” (aka first carpometacarpal) which is the basal joint of your thumb, near the wrist.

Yes. Although soap and water will not harm your Bullseye brace, we recommend removing the Thumb Brace when working with water.

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