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Bullseye Brace trade show booth with Bullseye team Jeff Stearns and David Nozick standing in
man wearing Bullseye wrist band
woman wearing Bullseye elbow strap with woman wearing Bullseye thumb brace
woman wearing Bullseye elbow strap
woman wearing Bullseye wrist band
man wearing Bullseye elbow strap
man wearing Bullseye thumb brace

We Aim Higher

Our Mission

Bullseye Brace believes orthopedic products should be comfortable, stylish, durable, easy to use, and most importantly, effective.  We strive to meet those objectives through our innovative designs and best in class materials.

Our History

Our founder, Jeff, has 30 years design experience with spine, wrist, ankle, and knee orthopedic bracing products. He has designed products for Biomet, Sammons Preston, Lenox Hill, and Allard USA. Jeff also co-founded Wellgate Products, the first orthopedic bracing line for women.

Always searching for better solutions, he saw the need for a more effective way to address ulnar-sided wrist pain. So, he developed the innovative Bullseye Wrist Band which debuted in the fall of 2017. Since then, we have received overwhelmingly positive responses from clinicians and their patients with ulnar-sided wrist pain. Consultations with hand therapists about the need for a more effective tennis elbow support then inspired the Bullseye Elbow Strap.

Our Newest Solution

We have always valued the expertise and insight of hand therapists, clinicians and healthcare professionals. This leads us to attend hand therapy conferences, where we learned of a real need for a better thumb CMC brace. We’re excited to announce the debut of the Bullseye Thumb Brace to address the needs of patients with arthritis. 

Attentive Customer Support

While we strive for new, innovative solutions in our products, we also believe in good old-fashioned customer service. Making our customers happy is a top priority for our small company. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us to send a message and we will get back to you quickly.

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Jeff Stearns


With 30 years product design, and a true flair for design, Jeff creates innovative orthopedic bracing solutions that provide enhanced comfort, better anatomical fit, and improved function. He has been awarded numerous patents for the innovative products he has designed for Bissell Healthcare (Sammons Preston), Lenox Hill, Biomet EBI, Performance Health, and many others. Jeff also co-founded Wellgate Products — the first orthopedic bracing line for women.

When Jeff isn’t creating leading-edge orthopedic products, you might find him out on his boat or playing with his dog, Paddy. While he’s a resident of New Jersey, he’ll always make time to get to the homecoming football game for his alma mater, Georgia Tech.

David Nozick

VP, Operations

Another graduate of Georgia Tech, David now resides in Connecticut. His past experience includes 27 years at The Coca-Company serving as an international project manager in IT.  His unique blend of energy and analytical skills cut through the clutter to keep the focus on ideas, designs, and actions that bring efficiency, clarity, and value. David is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for product quality, service, and overall customer experience.

He is an avid ping-pong player, and enjoys playing games of all kinds as well as traveling.