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How to Clean Your Wrist Brace

As you recover from a TFCC Injury or DRUJ instability, your Bullseye Wrist Band might be getting a lot of use. It’s important to keep it clean, not just to keep your wrist band looking good, but also to avoid infections and skin rashes. Here are some tips:

Bullseye Wrist Band | TFCC brace for ulnar sided wrist pain featuring unique soft silicone ring
  • Hand wash your wrist band with warm water and a mild soap with disinfectant, then rinse well and lay flat to dry.
  • Cleaning instructions for your wrist band can also be found on the product tag, on the underside of the Velcro® strap.
  • Do not use heat to dry, such as a clothes dryer, iron, or even the hot sun. Excessive heat can change the shape of wrist band so that it does not maintain proper alignment of the wrist.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to wash the wrist band as they may damage the material or cause the color to run.