Wrist Pain from Tennis, Cycling and Other Sports, and Wrist Exercises for Artists

What you need to know about wrist pain from tennis

wrist pain from tennisAccording to a study carried out in 2017 by Sports Medicine titled: Wrist Injuries in Tennis Players: A Narrative Review, wrist pain from tennis are more frequent now than in in the 80s and 90s. “The wrist/hand complex forms the crucial final link in the kinetic chain between the body and the racquet and therefore has a number of important roles in the production of all tennis strokes.

However, the internal and external loads that are created at the wrist during these strokes have the potential to contribute to pain and injury.

It would seem that the problem of wrist pain from tennis has increased in the modern game. In fact, some wrist injuries appear to be related to the use of certain forehand grip types and the predominant use of the two-handed backhand.

While the loads experienced at the wrist during tennis stroke production seem to be below threshold levels for a single event, the cumulative effects of these loads through repetition would appear to be an important consideration, especially when the inadequate time is allowed to complete normal processes of repair and adaptation.

This is supported by the evidence that most wrist injuries in tennis are associated with overuse and a chronic time course. The complex interaction between load, repetition, and training practices in tennis, particularly among young developing players who choose a path of early specialization, needs to be further explored.”

Source: https://www.tennisworldusa.org/tennis/news/Editors_Thoughts/59302/wrist-injury-what-you-need-to-know/

How to prevent wrist overuse injuries when when cycling

cycling wrist painApproximately one-third of all bicycling overuse injuries involve the hands. By making these adjustments, you can prevent these injuries from occurring:

  • Adjusting your handlebars, seat, and pedals
  • Adjusting your bike to be in the upright position to take pressure off of your hands and wrists
  • Taking more breaks when on a long ride
  • Switching the weight from your palms to the outside of your hands as often as you can
  • Wearing padded gloves and having padded handlebars
  • Completing hand and wrist stretches before riding

Source: https://www.sfmc.net/adv_ortho_spec/patient-resources/health-articles/bicycle-riding-and-wrist-pain/

Treating hand and wrist injuries from playing basketball

basketball wrist injuryIn the event that you do experience a hand or wrist injury, it’s important to be proactive in treating it (even if you think it’s a mild injury). This treatment tips from Sports Then and Now will help you get back in the game faster and avoid future injuries and complications.

  • Rest the affected area (you may need to wear a splint, tape, or a cast to keep it completely immobilized, especially the case of a fracture or bad sprain
  • Use an ice pack (you can find small, flexible ones that are particularly useful for hand injuries)
  • Apply compression with a brace or elastic bandage
  • When the swelling goes down and pain starts to ease up, move the area regularly to prevent it from getting stiff

In most cases, these measures are effective for treating hand and wrist injuries. In some cases, though, surgery and/or physical therapy may be necessary.

Source: http://sportsthenandnow.com/2018/06/14/common-basketball-hand-and-wrist-injuries-and-how-players-can-prevent-them/

Reasons why you’re wrists hurt from boxing

wrist pain boxingThese are the causes of boxing wrist pain and what you can do to prevent this problem

  • Wraps and gloves -Make sure that your wrists are straight when putting them on, you don’t want your wrist to be bent as all your doing is reinforcing the bent wrist. Also make sure the wrap is secure and not loose, not so tight that it cuts off blood circulation but tight enough that it’s firm.
  • Incorrect technique – Make sure you have proper bone alignment when punching. Have your wrist straight with your arm and not bent when you punch. And hit the target with your middle and index knuckles, not your ring and pinky knuckles as you might do damage and get a boxer’s fracture.
  • Insufficient rest – Take a day off, two if you must. It’s always better to take a day off or two than to have to take a few weeks off because you’ve injured your wrists or any other part of the body for that matter.
  • Not warming up properly – You shouldn’t be cold when starting your workout, this is crucial as you are more prone to injury when cold.
  • Overuse of the heavy bag – Don’t train on it every day, do some other form of training, or just take a day off to give it a rest.

Source: https://bodysnatcherboxing.com/how-to-prevent-wrist-pain-from-boxing/

Hand and wrist exercises for artists

artist wrist painTo ensure you don’t forget to repeat these important exercises, set a reminder on your phone or laptop to repeat one of these exercises every hour or two.

  • Thumb stretches
  • Rotator stretches
  • Finger stretches
  • Wrist stretches

Check out the link below for instructions on how to perform these exercises.

Source: https://blog.redbubble.com/2018/05/6-exercises-for-keeping-creative-wrists-from-injury/

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