Wrist Pain Causes You Shouldn’t Ignore, When to Seek Referral to a Certified Hand Therapist, Rheumatoid Arthritis Inflammation, and more

Common wrist pain causes and how to treat them

wrist pain causesWhat are the possible health reasons for pain in the wrist? According to OneHowTo, common wrist pain causes include:


One of the most common wrist pain causes is arthritis. This disease can cause pain, swelling and stiffness in both wrists, being the treatment of this disease the best alternative for pain relief. When it comes to infectious or septic arthritis, symptoms may include redness, heat, and the person may have a fever. This is a medical emergency and you need to go to the hospital immediately.


The formation of uric acid crystals can cause the formation of gout in humans. Gout is a disease which can be very painful because the crystals formed in the joints prevent them from working properly. What you need to do ideally is reduce uric acid levels in the blood.

Pseudogout or chondrocalcinosis

When calcium builds up in the joints, it is known as Pseudogout or chondrocalcinosis. As with gout, the condition causes a lot of pain and prevents proper wrist mobility. Firstly it is necessary to treat the abnormal levels of calcium in the blood – hipercalcemia – but then more importantly to find out why calcium is building up in the joints

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Recognizable symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include burning, tingling and numbness in the wrist, thumb and palm of the hand. It occurs due to inflammation of the median nerve, a major nerve in the wrist, commonly caused by constant use of your hands whilst typing on a computer. Trembling and weakness of the thumb during movement is very common when you have this syndrome.

Muscle injury

When wrist pain is accompanied by any swelling or bruising, it is likely due to a muscle injury. Any sudden movement in the wrist can cause injury, which is very common in athletes. In case of a muscular injury, it is important to assess the severity of damage to identify whether it is necessary to immobilize the joint for successful recovery.


Another one of wrist pain causes is Osteoporosis. This disease is more common in women than in men, and can cause pain in both joints due to the way the disease weakens bones and makes them more brittle. It is important to get treatment for osteoporosis and take calcium supplements to reduce the effects of the disease.

Repetitive movement of the hands

When wrist pain is caused by repetitive movement of the hands whilst typing or performing another repetitive task, it is advisable to check and improve the posture of the person whilst they are working. If the pain is persistent it is recommended to visit a specialist and consider the use of a wrist splint during sleep to reduce the pain associated with this disease.

Source: https://health.onehowto.com/article/what-are-the-causes-of-wrist-pain-4297.html

5 diagnoses that should be referred to a Certified Hand Therapist

common diagnoses hand therapistBoth physicians and other therapists should always consider a CHT for clients with complex upper extremity conditions, especially distal to and including the elbow joint. CHTs have comprehensive knowledge of the complex anatomy of the hand and digits, the need for proper balance and stability through the carpus to support function and upper extremity weight bearing and the nuances of proximal and distal radioulnar joints that allow for one hundred and eighty degrees of functional hand usage. Most hand surgeons refer their post operative cases to CHTs that they trust and work with regularly, but what about the patients that don’t need surgery that end up seeking therapy closer to home?

Here are the top 5 diagnoses commonly seen in an orthopedic clinic that should be considered for referral to Hand Therapy.

1. Proximal and distal interphalangeal joint (PIP/DIP) dislocations, sprain/strains and ball jamming injuries
2. Everything-itis
3. Wrist fractures
4. Ulnar sided wrist pain
5. Elbow fractures

Source: https://newgradphysicaltherapy.com/referral-to-hand-therapy/

How Rheumatoid Arthritis affects the Hands and Wrists

rheumatoid arthritis hands and wristsHere are some ways RA or other wrist pain causes may affect your hands and wrists. Note that since the disease tends to affect both sides of the body, if you have symptoms in one hand, they’re likely to occur in the other hand, too.

  • Inflammation from RA can cause pain, swelling, stiffness, and lack of function in small joints such as hands and wrists.
  • You may feel a grating or grinding sensation in your finger joints.
  • Changes in bone, loss of cartilage, and swollen joints may also make certain joints appear much larger than normal.
  • Pain and swelling in your wrists can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Talk with your doctor about available medications and surgical treatments.

Source: https://healthguides.healthgrades.com/living-well-with-rheumatoid-arthritis/what-rheumatoid-arthritis-does-to-the-hands-and-wrists

How to Relieve Hand Pain and Stiffness

relieve hand pain and stiffnessHand pain and stiffness are relatively due to common wrist pain causes and a wide array of health conditions. Here are some useful methods on how to manage these symptoms:

  • Wear splints or casts especially at night time. This will help keep the joints in a neutral position and stabilize your hand and fingers to ease the swelling.
  • Wear arthritis gloves with the right amount of compression to help relieve joint pain and discomfort as you perform your activities during the day.
  • Rest your hand and avoid any motion which aggravates the pain.
  • Take an over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) like Ibuprofen as needed. However, this may not be effective in certain conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • To loosen the stiffness in your hands, you can soak your hand in a basin of warm water for 15 minutes.
  • Apply an ice pack to the injured hand to numb the pain and decrease the swelling. Do this for only 15 minutes at a time.
  • Perform stretches and exercises to strengthen your hand.

Source: https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/39517-a-patient-s-guide-to-relieving-hand-pain-and-stiffness

5 exercises that can increase your wrist strength

wrist strength exercisesOur wrists are key joints, particularly when it comes to some of our favorite fitness moves: burpees, push-ups, planks, mountain climbers, pull-ups, Downward-Facing Dogs, and many more. Where we concentrate on the muscle groups they support, such as the arms and shoulders, we often neglect the wrists themselves. It is easy to feel wrist strain if we don’t give them the same amount of attention the rest of our body gets. The good news is that wrist strengthening is relatively simple — the hardest part is remembering to do it. Get started with these five exercises and make sure to add them into your routine once a week.

1. The basic plank
2. Wrist curls
3. Tennis ball squeezes
4. Wrist stretches
5. Reverse planks

Check out the link below for instructions on how to perform these exercises.

Source: https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/How-Strengthen-Your-Wrists-45055847?stream_view=1#photo-45055848

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