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Bullseye Wrist Band helps relieve ulnar-sided wrist pain, support TFCC injuries, and stabilize the radioulnar joint (DRUJ) through targeted compression made possible by its unique silicone ring design


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Why is the Bullseye Wrist Band better?

We created the Bullseye Wrist Band because the other products on the market weren’t providing the focused support people needed for their TFCC/DRUJ issues. The other bands typically either put pressure on the ulnar head, or support only above and below the ulnar head. The innovative design of the Bullseye Wrist Band allows for 360° stabilizing support without pressure on the ulnar head. Its unique design also allows for full range of motion and is easily adjustable.

Use Bullseye Wrist Band for:

  • Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex / TFCC Injury
  • Chronic Distal Radioulnar Joint / DRUJ Instability
  • Post-operative support following a distal radius fracture repair
  • Ulnar-sided wrist pain when gripping, pushing, pulling or turning the wrist in a palm-down to palm-up position
  • Ulna Impact Syndrome (Ulna Abutment Syndrome)


  • Padded, counterforce strap and soft silicone ring that fits around the ulnar head
  • Applies targeted compression to reduce ulnar-sided pain and inflammation while still allowing full range of motion
  • 360° stabilization of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) without applying painful pressure over the top of the ulnar head
  • Performance material wicks perspiration away from skin and antimicrobial properties maintain freshness between washings

Who is likely to get a TFCC Tear?

  • Anyone can get a TCFF tear, but it occurs most often in those who fall on an outstretched hand.
  • Athletes are at risk, especially those who use a racquet, bat, or a club.
  • Those who put a lot of pressure on the wrist such as gymnasts and yoga enthusiasts
  • People who work in fields involving repetitive motion like carpenters, assembly line workers, cashiers, or computer programmers
  • Degenerative tears are more common in people over 50

Videos & Demonstrations

Hear from a Certified Hand Therapist why the Bullseye Wrist Band is effective relief for ulnar side wrist pain.

How to Properly Size and Wear the Bullseye Wrist Band

Bullseye Wrist Band Sizing

Bullseye Wrist Brace Sizing


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